Artist Statement

I am drawn to the connections made between the physical body and the sculptural object. I am concerned with the viewer’s feelings, and those that the sculptures portray, along with my own subjective position. Many of the works are physical representations of the emotional self, which is highly influenced by my own corporality – or my physiological occupancy. I see this as a term that encompasses the way I exist in my environment, with objects, and with the people in those spaces. Sex and sexuality directly relate to this occupancy, as does sensuality of touch and form. The works are trophies or idols to worship. They are memories to show off, forming a loop and reinforcing this physiological occupancy, validating my self and self-worth. Throughout the work I am alluding to those parts of the body that ask to be touched. The work transforms into a grouping of objects that maintain exude a poly-sexual sentiment, and inclusion of any and all as partners, lovers and friends.